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Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Program Learning Outcomes

The curriculum of CRES is designed to teach students to:

  • Investigate the ways society can be centrally constituted by racial, ethnic, and indigenous formations in global and historical contexts, in preparation for a diverse society and international world.
  • Effectively articulate in oral and written form complex ideas about knowledge, power, and society.
  • Analyze how “race,” “ethnicity,” and/or indigeneity are historically and culturally specific (dependent on time and place); relational (not formed in isolation); and intersectional (informed by other social formations such as class, gender, sexuality, etc.).
  • Develop and use theoretical knowledge in a discipline through a discipline-based theory course that can be used as a foundation for interdisciplinary research in race and ethnic studies.
  • Apply interdisciplinary methods and theories that show practical application in critical race and ethnic studies other than academic reading and writing, such as through performance, art, direct service, internships, and study abroad.